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Iwalked out­side yes­ter­day morn­ing to the best tem­per­a­tures we have had since the last cool front rolled through.

I was greeted by a doe and her fawn in our yard just twenty yards from the back porch.

They were feast­ing on acorns un­der the big pin oak tree by the drive­way.

To­day made me re­gret not tak­ing a va­ca­tion day and climb­ing a tree.

I hope the ma­ture bucks will start mov­ing bet­ter with an­other front set to roll in later this week­end.

A good rain would help the cause as well.

With the doe only mod­ern gun hunt this week­end, archery hun­ters need to re­mem­ber to grab their or­ange hat and vest.

The doe only hunt starts Satur­day morn­ing and ends Wed­nes­day, Oct. 18.

Muz­zleloader opens on Oc­to­ber 21 and close on Oc­to­ber 29.

Then, just two weeks later, South Arkansas will sound like a war zone on open­ing day of mod­ern gun on Novem­ber 11.

A week later on Novem­ber 18t brings the open­ing day of duck sea­son. Hunt­ing sea­son will soon be in full swing.

I have not hit the woods yet ex­cept to scout.

It has just been too hot for me to get in the mood.

It is hard to hunt when you are fight­ing mos­qui­toes and hav­ing to keep your eyes peeled for snakes. The deer have not been mov­ing well at all, but since the week­end rain and the cooler weather, the deer ac­tiv­ity has in­creased.

I am ready to watch the sun­rise from my tree stand.

There is one propo­si­tion that all hun­ters need to voice their opin­ion on that game and fish has pro­posed, con­cern­ing the ex­plod­ing feral hog pop­u­la­tions.

Arkansas Game and Fish wants to use Ka­put, a poi­son bait, to help take out more wild pigs.

Per­son­ally, I do not want a poi­son out where other an­i­mals can con­sume it with un­known ef­fects.

Do the deer leave it alone? What if a deer eats grass that the poi­son touched? What about wa­ter run off from rain­fall? Can the runoff kill fish and an­i­mals that drink it? Dogs and cats could eat a mouse, rat or bird that con­sumed the poi­son and it could lead to their death.

I would also not pre­fer a wild hog to eat it and go to a wa­ter source and fall in it.

When an an­i­mal feels sick or near death, they usu­ally run to wa­ter.

The chance of wa­ter con­tam­i­na­tion is high with a de­cay­ing car­cass, let alone a poi­soned car­cass.

I have a feel­ing that a lot of an­i­mals be­sides wild hogs will suc­cumb to this poi­son.

I en­cour­age you to do re­search on this poi­son and voice your opin­ion to AGFC.

Arkansas needs to have a way of tak­ing out hogs like most states al­ready use.

Texas uses a bounty pro­gram.

Ev­ery hog you kill and reg­is­ter, you can get paid one to two dol­lars per pig.

Money talks and if a per­son can trap and kill 10 pigs at once, then you can help the pop­u­la­tion con­trol ef­fort, re­duce tim­ber and farm­land de­struc­tion and re­duce in­juries to pets and live­stock along with wildlife.

Hogs kill baby deer and wreak havoc on turkey nests.

They will eat ev­ery­thing they can find and the deer are left with lit­tle food to sur­vive the win­ter.

An­other way to help the cause to rid the land of pigs and help those in need is to kill them and do­nate the meat to food banks, soup kitchens and to fam­i­lies in need di­rectly.

I per­son­ally be­lieve that poi­son­ing ed­i­ble meat is waste­ful when so many peo­ple can use it.

I also won­der what can hap­pen if a pig eats just enough poi­son to make them a lit­tle bit sick and some­one shoots it.

If that per­son takes home a pig to eat that just con­sumed poi­son, what will the af­fects be on the peo­ple that eat it?

There are too many “ifs” in these sce­nar­ios.

I think poi­son needs to stay out of the woods. It isn't nat­u­rally found there so it does not need to be in­tro­duced. Ques­tions? Com­ments? Pic­tures? Send them to katiem@el­do­radonews.com.

By Katie Meade

The Huntress

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