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To the Edi­tor:

I am writ­ing this let­ter be­cause I live in a coun­try where I have a right to dis­agree peace­fully, for now.

As I wit­ness the ero­sion of con­sti­tu­tional rights, I am fright­ened for what lies ahead. I re­mem­ber the marches for women’s right to vote, for all Amer­i­can’s right to vote, the lady march­ing around the court­house, the coun­cil­man in front of the city hall, the Viet­nam War protest and the beat con­tin­ues.

The right to kneel is just that, A RIGHT, it is ir­rel­e­vant if I agree or not. So many have died so that you can burn the flag, wear it on your rear end, wrap it around their beer cans, ball it up in the closet, but you have a right to do all of that.

Please note, at no time was the kneel­ing about the flag, the mil­i­tary or our coun­try. It was about the CON­STI­TU­TIONAL RIGHT to peace­fully dis­agree. This spe­cific is­sue of dis­agree­ment is be­cause of the lyrics in a song.

We are set­ting a dan­ger­ous prece­dent, deny­ing per­sons the right to peace­fully dis­agree. Where will this end, and what is it that you will not be able to do?

We must unite against com­mon en­e­mies of this great coun­try, and not choose to im­plode.

I am thank­ful for the free press. I would like to protest the in­abil­ity to pur­chase Canada Dry Ginger Ale in El Do­rado.

Jan­ice Bush El Do­rado

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