AR635 6-Chan­nel AS3X Sport Re­ceiver


A high-qual­ity, 6-chan­nel, full-range re­ceiver fea­tur­ing AS3X tech­nol­ogy, the Spek­trum AR635 sport re­ceiver is ideal for park fliers, sport air­craft, and 3D planes, and is com­pat­i­ble with all Spek­trum DSM2/DSMX and JR DSM trans­mit­ters. Fully ad­justable, dual gain set­tings for aileron, el­e­va­tor, and rud­der, there are no spe­cial in­ter­face or trans­mit­ter pro­gram­ming re­quired. All ad­just­ments are made us­ing LED in­di­ca­tors on the re­ceiver and your trans­mit­ter’s con­trol-stick po­si­tions. If a higher chan­nel count and/or in­te­grated teleme­try is needed, the 7-chan­nel AR7350 and 9-chan­nel AR9350 re­ceivers are also avail­able. Note: The AR635 re­ceiver is not for use with ni­tro-, gas-, or tur­bine-pow­ered air­craft. It is pro­gram­mable from mo­bile de­vices (IOS and An­droid) as well as Pcs—easy setup at home or at the field (USB pro­gram­ming ca­ble re­quired). spek­

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