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The GPS func­tions de­serve an en­tire ar­ti­cle, but to sum­ma­rize them quickly, they are amaz­ing. Once you cal­i­brate the GPS com­pass, a world of unique func­tion­al­ity opens up to you. First, you taxi out and set the start­ing point, which is ac­knowl­edged by the Cub zip­ping the con­trol sur­faces. You can set a small or large fence area (150m or 250m), and when the Cub reaches that dis­tance, it will turn around and come back. If you get dis­ori­ented, you can press the but­ton and the Cub will im­me­di­ately fly to and or­bit the home point un­til you take over again. If you set it on Air­field mode, it off­sets the or­bit point out over the fly­ing field so that it doesn’t fly be­hind you over the pits, which I found to be a great touch. When you’re done, press the GPS but­ton and the Cub will land it­self. I was skep­ti­cal, but when I tried it, the Cub hit the run­way three times for a suc­cess­ful land­ing—and once, it was strad­dling the cen­ter­line. We sure have come a long way!

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