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13th NETFLIX of a crime could essentiall­y be returned to bondage. So, unsurprisi­ngly, for communitie­s policed by white people financiall­y injured by emancipati­on, “crimes” suddenly became more copious and fluidly defined. Each segment flows naturally into the next, painting a stark portrait of the true roots of systemic racism and the criminaliz­ation of black skin. FOR THE MOST CLEAR, CONCISE, AND accessible rendering of the straight line that can be drawn between slavery and the lethal knee on George Floyd’s neck, this 2016 Oscar-nominated, Emmy-winning Ava DuVernay documentar­y is a must-watch. Taking its title from the amendment that nominally abolished slavery, the 100-minute film is methodical yet elegant, truly more beautiful than the ugliness of the topic deserves. Through a series of interviews, news clippings, illustrati­ons, and other visual devices, illuminate­s how a small but devastatin­gly crucial clause in the amendment meant that many slaves were “freed” into a rigged system. That clause? Any black person duly convicted Watchmen HBO (Available to stream on Netflix) —SARAH RODMAN OSCAR AND EMMY WINNER FURTHER INFO Regina King gives an explosive performanc­e in this Damon Lindelof “remix” of the classic graphic novel. Taking racism and the rise of white supremacy as its focus, the nine-episode series jolts out of the gate with a provocativ­e depiction of the horrific Tulsa massacre of 1921. The action jumps to present day—and then around in time—as cops wear masks to protect their identities from white supremacis­ts, and descendant­s of racial violence like King’s Det. Angela Abar receive reparation­s. Unfortunat­ely, that is not a solution, and Angela finds herself fighting the same villains her grandfathe­r did, in a deft depiction of how trauma is passed through generation­s and shapes the present. The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarcerat­ion READ 13th by in the Age of Colorblind­ness (Lost, The Michelle Alexander; The 1619 Project Leftovers) (nytimes.com) When They See Us WATCH (Netflix); free educationa­l supplement: array101.org (grade 9 and above) (Available on HBO on Demand and HBO Max) —CHANCELLOR AGARD FURTHER INFO The Burning: Massacre, READ Destructio­n, and the Tulsa Race by Tim Madigan; Riot of 1921 “The Case for Reparation­s,” We Were Eight Years in Power by Ta-Nehisi Coates WATCH Banished: American Ethnic (Independen­t Cleansings Lens/PBS) JULY 2020 8 EW ● COM

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