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№ 1 MEMOIRS AND MISINFORMA­TION By Jim Carrey BOOKS Years logged among Hollywood egos have given Carrey plenty of off-the-wall inspiratio­n. imagines Brazilian jiujitsu fights in Nicolas Cage’s private, mastadon-skeleton-ringed dojo, and a spiritual retreat in which Gwyneth Paltrow waxes poetic about beheading a pig fetus. Then there’s the part where Taylor Swift’s big toe gets caught in a skull that’s part of a mass grave for victims of China’s Great Leap Forward. “There’s nobody in the book that I don’t admire in some way,” Carrey says of the bizarro celebrity caricature­s. “I hope they can see the joy in it, and the love in it.” In fairness, the fictional Carrey gets the most complete vivisectio­n. He clings to A-list glory, haunted by childhood memories of his mom’s painkiller addiction and his dad’s financial struggles. “I’ve had to represent my family and relationsh­ips in a way that I’m not sure my family will understand,” he says. “But it is honest, and I hope it’s not too embarrassi­ng for them.” The IRL Carrey still has a busy movie career when he isn’t starring on Showtime’s But the Wall Street satire wrote together for nearly a decade, collaborat­ing via all-hours Skype sessions and the occasional monthslong writing retreat. “Celebrity memoirs are not famous for being truthful,” says Vachon. “We thought, ‘Well, if we use the mistruths for the purpose of the truth, we could maybe make something that’s deeply true.’ ” The result is a novel bound to trigger controvers­y, blending ravenous Hollywood satire with depictions of Chinese repression. Carrey isn’t worried that it will hurt his career: “It’s always a possibilit­y, [but] I don’t think I’m gonna affect the stock, you know?” closes in a timely way: with a global disaster. But Carrey’s foray into fiction isn’t meant to be a downer. “It ends the world for you in the most absurdly amusing and wonderful way,” he says. As for the fate of the actual planet, he’s cautiously optimistic, describing the current shutdown as “a chance for the earth...to get us off its back.” And he’s already pondering a movie adaptation of “It would be a really extraordin­ary thing to see really famous actors playing other really famous actors, [like] Christian Bale playing Nicolas Cage.” Who would play Carrey? “Ryan Gosling,” he says without missing a beat. Yet another reason to put off the apocalypse. Mergers & IT’S THE END Acquisitio­ns) of the world as we know it, and Jim Carrey doesn’t feel fine. As Armageddon looms, the legend lies naked and alone in his Brentwood fortress of solitude, “bearded and bleary eyed after months of breakdown and catastroph­e.” He’s recovering from a romance with a contestant, fretting about his waning box office power, and gorging on Wendy’s Honey Butter Chicken Biscuits to bulk up for the role of Chairman Mao. Did we mention the UFOs hovering over Malibu? Welcome to a novel co-written by Carrey and author Dana Vachon that arrives July 7. The eight-year passion project combines streamof-consciousn­ess autobiogra­phy, science fiction, tabloid fodder, and anti-capitalist critique. “It’s difficult to describe what the book is,” says the real Jim Carrey, 58. Speaking to EW on his first-ever Zoom call, he is unbearded, unbleary-eyed, as fine as anyone can be in our months of breakdown and catastroph­e. “We write about celebrity as a device to talk about the human condition,” he says. “It’s about the apocalypse of the interior—of the ego.” Memoirs Survivor Memoirs Memoirs and Misinforma­tion, Memoirs. Kidding. Memoirs and Misinforma­tion crystalliz­es his Twitter Age persona as an eccentric strafing the internet with anti-Trump cartoons, confession­al performanc­e art, and R.-Crumb-ish paintings. Carrey and Vachon (who penned —DARREN FRANICH JULY 2020 EW ● COM 11

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