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№ 2 HAIM Women in Music Pt. III MUSIC № 3 The nimble, pitch-perfect soft rock of the SoCal trio’s first two albums earned them critical praise and a devoted fan base. Their cheekily titled third effort builds on those plaudits by adding a fresh and freewheeli­ng blend of dusty hip-hop drums, reggaeinfl­ected grooves, yawning synths, and joyous horns to its repertoire, then enveloping it all in a lo-fi haze. Even the artwork gets in on the action, with trading the sunny environs of Haim’s past two covers for a glaring portrait of the sisters behind the counter of L.A. establishm­ent—and early Haim-family concert venue—Canter’s Delicatess­en. The sisters’ songwritin­g is as sharp and unpretenti­ous as ever, telling tales of crossed wires, longing for lost friends and lovers, and demoralizi­ng bulls--that female musicians often have to put up with. As a whole, it makes the band’s most ambitious project to date. I’LL BE GONE IN DARK THE DOCUSERIES “What I was interested in was this woman’s journey. I related so much to Michelle and her obsession, her drive, and also to her as a working mom, somebody trying to balance this incredibly dark pursuit with keeping up a seemingly normal life.” Garbus wanted to make sure the presence of McNamara (pictured above) was felt throughout the series by reconstruc­ting her latenight internet searches, the way she WRITER MICHELLE MCNAMARA spent years trying to find the man she called the Golden State Killer, an obsession she hoped would lead to unmasking a rapist and murderer who stalked California in the late 1970s and early ’80s. That quest became the basis for the 2018 bestseller was completed posthumous­ly after McNamara’s sudden death two years earlier—and is now the basis for a six-part HBO docuseries of the same name (premiering June 28) that explores not only the facts of the case but also McNamara’s drive to find justice for the victims. “I was not interested in making a documentar­y series about the Golden State Killer,” says Liz Garbus Women in Music I’ll Be Gone in the Dark—which Women in Music (What Happened, Miss Simone?), who directed the project. —ALEX SUSKIND JULY 2020 12 EW ● COM

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