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№ 4 SEX VANITY AND BOOKS Kevin Kwan’s newest novel is a departure from his best-selling Crazy Rich franchise in character and plot but not when it comes to the overall vibe. The author has focused his talent for wicked social observatio­n on New York’s Upper East Side, with a story that centers around the young Lucie pieced together clues, and the rabbit holes she went down. The Oscarnomin­ated filmmaker was able to do that thanks to McNamara’s husband, actor and comedian Patton Oswalt, who provided tapes of his wife’s interviews, videos she shot, and thoughts about her life, obsession, and death. “Patton just gave us so much of her that we were able to feel like we were [there] alongside her,” Garbus notes. Churchill. The Brearley- and Browneduca­ted daughter of an oldmoney Manhattan family attends an extravagan­t Capri wedding and develops a secret infatuatio­n for one of the guests. Like its crazy Sex and Vanity rich brethren before it, is a juicy web of highly unsympathe­tic but completely engrossing one-percenters. Also back are the footnotes, which offer lessons on everything from the definition of a “classic seven” New York apartment to the origins of a Zalaa Jinst goat-hair sweater. The minutiae of the actual plot may be confusing, but that’s always been beside the point. —SEIJA RANKIN also expands on McNamara’s work, including the biggest developmen­t, which happened following her death: In April 2018, DNA evidence led authoritie­s to arrest former police officer Joseph James DeAngelo on suspicion of being the Golden State Killer. (He is awaiting trial.) In a cinematic twist, this news broke on the first day of production on the HBO series. Later episodes will address DeAngelo’s capture and share insights from people who knew him, but the story is still grounded by McNamara—a woman who wrote about the terrible crimes without sensationa­lizing them, and was consumed by a need to give closure to victims. “You read Michelle’s writing and you get goose bumps,” says Garbus, “and we wanted to bring that feeling across in the documentar­y as well.” I’ll Be Gone in the Dark THE KWAN PERCENT The luxury spending habits of his novels, ranked RICH PEOPLE PROBLEMS CHINA RICH GIRLFRIEND SEX AND VANITY CRAZY RICH ASIANS 2017 2013 2015 2020 A fish gets plastic surgery and Nick Young’s friends go in on a $10 billion house. Pek Lin drives a $175,000 Audi and there’s a bachelor party on a private shipping freighter. Kitty Pong buys a painting for $195 million and the Baos have a personal sky garage. The main character has a $26.5 million emerald engagement ring and her fiancé owns a custom Boeing 757. —JESSICA DERSCHOWIT­Z JULY 2020 EW ● COM 13

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