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№ 5 Q&A MARGO PRICE № MUSIC 6 PALM SPRINGS MOVIES Marriage is merely till death do us part; what about sharing an actual eternity? That’s the fateful loop As it did for many, the current global calamity derailed the Grammynomi­nated artist’s plans. Even as she cares for her COVID-19-afflicted husband—fellow musician Jeremy Ivey—Price is getting back on track with her new Sturgill Simpsonpro­duced album, You must be excited reluctant wedding guest Nyles (Andy Samberg) finds it’s finally coming out. himself stuck in in director Max Barbakow’s surreal For sure. I wanted to release it in March, and now I’m so glad that I didn’t because I always felt like it was a summer album. My plan was to release it a year ago. But then I got pregnant. It’s funny how life decides for you sometimes. Hopefully it’s going to bring people some joy. Palm Springs Sundance sensation (Hulu, July 10), a sort of sunbaked metaphysic­al rom-com and millennial Groundhog Day rolled into one. Over the course of a long (Modern matrimonia­l weekend, sister of the bride Sarah Love’s Cristin Milioti) becomes Nyles’ unwitting partner in immortalit­y—literally, they both can’t stop reliving the same Saturday. Boosted by a shrewd cast that Riverdale’s includes Oscar winner J.K. Simmons, Camila That’s (Search Party) Mendes, and Meredith Hagner as Nyles’ How Rumors Get Started perfect vocal-fry nightmare of a girlfriend, Samberg (out July 10). and Milioti give us the kind of movie couple we want to root for: two charming, tipsy, mixed-up humans just During this crisis, some trying to make it out of this crazy world alive (or at artists are sticking to least get to see another Sunday). —LEAH GREENBLATT release dates and others You branch out from delaying. Why did you classic country with choose the latter? an eclectic sound that It was just so hard to think about continuing like everything was normal. And I just didn’t have time. I’m now basically running a day care, cooking and cleaning and taking care of two kids and my husband, who’s sick. I worked so hard, I didn’t want to put it out in a half-ass way. evokes Rosanne Cash, WHEN MOVIE WEDDINGS GO WRONG Fleetwood Mac, and ↓ Odious Prince Humperdinc­k tries to force Princess Buttercup into marriage, but is foiled by a giant, a master fencer, and a dashing man in black. The Princess Bride The Wedding Singer 1987 1998 more. What were your Small-town singer and hopeless romantic Robbie Hart stops believin’ in happily ever after when his fiancée jilts him at the altar. musical inspiratio­ns? Yeah, I was thinking, like, Blondie, the Pretenders, and definitely Fleetwood Mac.I was looking to reinvent myself so I didn’t get stagnant. The Graduate 1967 Benjamin swings a giant crucifix to spring Elaine from marriage to Carl and bourgeois hell. Then they hop an express bus to ambivalenc­e. —SARAH RODMAN JULY 2020 14 EW ● COM

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