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№ 8 BABYTEETH “Should’ve gone to Sears Portrait Studio.” MOVIES Mere months after making her big-screen debut as Beth, Eliza Scanlen is about to break your heart all over again. The actress anchors this quirky Aussie dramedy (on VOD June 19) as Milla, a headstrong teenager diagnosed with cancer. When she falls for Moses (Toby Wallace), a twentysome­thing drug dealer, their oddball romance-of-sorts gives Milla a new lease on life, while unsettling her middle-class parents (Essie Davis and Ben Mendelsohn, both terrific). The couple fret over their daughter’s infatuatio­n as they each grapple with her illness in their own dysfunctio­nal way, and Milla tries to simply embrace the joy of being alive while she can. With heartfelt performanc­es from its ensemble and sharp, dark humor, walks a tightrope and delivers an offbeat tearjerker that’s as vivid and eccentric as its heroine. № Little 7 Women’s Sharp Objects TRUTH THE MOVIES ART IMITATES LIFE, AND THAT’S THE TRUTH: IN THIS FRENCH DRAMA from Hirokazu Kore-eda (his first non-Japanese-language film), Catherine Deneuve plays Fabienne, an aging star who mulls her legacy and clashes with her grown daughter while shooting a sci-fi movie. In that film within a film, the luminous 76-year-old French icon plays the daughter of a woman who never ages. To make things still more meta, Fabienne is Deneuve’s middle name, and the film makes sly nods to her to a dress that recalls her Yves Saint Laurent wardrobe in the 1967 film The haughty Fabienne isn’t the same person as Deneuve, but make no mistake—nobody else play her. At one point, when asked by a reporter whether she emulated any actress that came before her, the star is baffled. “I never wondered that,” she replies with a shrug. “I’ve always been myself.” oeuvre magnifique—down Belle de Jour. Babyteeth could —TYLER AQUILINA —MARY SOLLOSI LES ESSENTIELS DE DENEUVE The Hunger Belle de Jour The Umbrellas of Cherbourg Indochine 1967 1983 1992 Luis Buñuel’s subversive drama cemented Deneuve’s aloof “ice queen” persona; she appears here as a housewife who spends her afternoons as a prostitute. Starring with David Bowie in Tony Scott’s erotic horror film, the actress went gothic-glam as a bisexual vampire whose lovers include Susan Sarandon. Deneuve earned her second César award and her first (and only) Oscar nomination for her role as a wealthy landowner in French Indochina in Régis Wargnier’s epic. 1964 Angelic as a lovestruck umbrella-shop girl, Deneuve had her breakout rolein Jacques Demy’s musical, the duo’s first of four collaborat­ions. JULY 2020 16 EW ● COM

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