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№ 10 MUST LIST ENCORE MTV’S CRIBS № 9 TV allowed home invasion via social media, America’s lookie-loos had MTV’s addictive look at the mega-McMansions of the rich and garish gave us 19 glorious seasons of Lamborghin­i collection­s, pool grottoes, and Sub-Zeros stocked with Yoo-hoo. In this era of sheltering-in-place, we honor the show’s greatest shelters-without-taste. BEFORE CELEBRITIE­S ROUTINELY Cribs. THE LAST OF US PART II (MTV.com) —RUTH KINANE GAMES A videogame set in a world forever scarred by a global pandemic isn’t exactly escapism. Nonetheles­s, The Last of Us Part II, the long-awaited sequel to one of the JA RULE 50 CENT MARIAH CAREY The dress code at the rapper’s sprawling five-bedroom dockside Miami mansion? Shirtless. The atmosphere? Rap-video festive— as in, let’s throw a champagne-soaked pool party for 600 of your nearest and wildest friends. The problem? Ja Rule didn’t own ja house—it was a rental. The owner sued him for filming without permission when it appeared on Fiddy dubbed his 19bedroom, six-kitchen retreat an “East Coast Playboy Mansion,” though “Charmless Convention Center” also works. The star’s compound was tricked out with casino lobby carpeting, a helipad, and fridges packed with Vitamin Water, but its real glory was an in-home strip club complete with poles and the “Gucci Room.” Just like Sister Parish designed for the Kennedy White House... Call her Mariah Antoinette; the diva’s Tribeca beige/ satin/marble penthouse had everything an empress could desire, like doors made of gold, a special lingerie closet, and a “Mermaid Room,” which was, well, we’re still not sure. After several wardrobe changes, Mariah unwound in a bubble bath with one of her pups, then pretended to put another in the dryer! Oh, Mimi! Let them eat cake! best-selling titles of 2013, is worth a bout of existentia­l dread. The first game starred Ellie, a young girl born immune to a zombie-creating virus, who traveled across postapocal­yptic America with her grizzled caretaker, Joel, to find a rebel group seeking a cure. In the sequel (out June 19), things take a darker turn. Five years older, she leaves the safety of her new Cribs. community on another dangerous mission, this time in pursuit of vengeance. There’s a reason GREAT CRIB MOMENTS IN MOVIE HISTORY HBO is turning this into an epic TV series: The Meet the Fockers Back to the Future cinematic visuals and 2004 1985 gripping plot make this Greg (Ben Stiller) teaches Little Jack a bad word. Marty (Michael J. Fox) warns his uncle to get used to bars. one videogame that just might move you to tears. —NICK ROMANO JULY 2020 EW ● COM 17

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