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FIRST TAKE even though it has these serious undertones,” says Franco The result is a bleak comedy that can be both grim and gutbusting, directed by Bobby Farrelly and co-created by his brother Peter (the duo best known for and O’Shea Jackson Jr. and Jimmy Tatro as his well-intentione­d but less-than-helpful best friends. Rounding out Ed’s support system is Bill Murray as a soft-spoken, ponytail-sporting therapist, who’s less concerned with Ed’s mental health than he is with collecting his co-pay. But although Ed may not get much out of his therapy sessions, Franco did, and he tried to treat every scene with Murray as a master class with a comedy legend. “He lived up to everything that I wanted him to be,” Franco says with a laugh. “After my first scene with him, I realized that the best thing for me to do was throw away everything that I had prepared and just jump on whatever train he was on.” (Neighbors). Dumb and Dumber Something About Mary). There’s “I was curious to see how they would approach this material, which has darker elements than what they’re known for,” Franco adds. “To their credit, they somehow pulled off this beautiful tonal balance where they were able to have the humor without underminin­g the heavier issues like suicide and depression.” The series follows Ed as he tries to forge a new path and rebuild his life, but fortunatel­y for him, he isn’t alone on his journey to enlightenm­ent. Daryl Hannah also stars as his overbearin­g mother, with FOR DAVE FRANCO, THERE’S NO time like the present. Literally. The 35-year-old actor stars on Quibi’s new pitch-black comedy series as Ed Poole, a down-onhis-luck man with a long family history of depression and mental illness. When his girlfriend dumps him and his brother commits suicide, he vows to abandon his past and stop fretting about his future, deciding to only live in, well, “The show is very hopeful, —DEVAN COGGAN ↑ All together Jimmy Tatro, O’Shea Jackson Jr., and Daryl Hannah Now: QUIBI JULY 13 NETWORK The DATE Now. JULY 2020 20 EW ● COM

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