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STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS late-’80s/early-’90s series will appear, he hints at it: “There are a lot of recognizab­le characters in the galaxy at that point, and as a huge fan I would definitely want to try to use some of them.” Perhaps a tale of Jean-Luc Picard demanding an ensign fix his turbotoile­t? We’re in. less glamorous jobs on a city-size starship while the bridge crew led by a traditiona­lly heroic captain does all the so-called “important” work. “So instead of being on the turbolift—the elevators in our guys are repairing the turbolift,” he says. “We also spend a lot of time in the bar.” is set during the time period of and while McMahan can’t outright say familiar faces from the fan-favorite Trek Trek— ↓ The gang takes a well-deserved cocktail break between jobs 1 Lower —JAMES HIBBERD Decks The Next Generation, The Lower Deckers led by the oft-demoted Beckett Mariner (Tawny Newsome) 2 YUP, THERE’S YET ANOTHER STAR CBS ALL ACCESS LATE 2020 NETWORK Trek show coming to TV. But this one’s different! is in animated comedy form, marking the first time the venerated 56-year-old brand has launched a pure comedy (no, doesn’t count). Writer Mike McMahan says he pitched the concept to CBS All Access by saying, “I want to do a show about the guy who brings the yellow cartridge to the back of the food replicator so that a banana comes out the front.” If that sort of sci-fi goofing on an animated series brings to mind as it so happens, McMahan is a former writer on the Adult Swim hit. Yet McMahan says clearly distinguis­hes itself in a couple key ways. The series is far more family-friendly; it’s geared toward adults, but more PG-13. Also, McMahan says, “the fun of is that it breaks down sci-fi tropes and is told through Rick Sanchez, who has a very specific, chaotic, nihilistic lens. treats mythologic­al sci-fi things just as important as a regular show, while finding new stories to tell—just from a different angle.” That angle focuses on the adventures of low-ranking crew members of Starfleet’s USS (a name that sells us on watching this show as much as anything). The crew is assigned the DATE Lower Decks Star Trek Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Rick and Morty, Lower Decks Trek 1 Rick and Morty Lower Decks Trek Cerritos 2 JULY 2020 EW ● COM 21

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