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FIRST TAKE POUND FOR POUND INDUSTRY understand the culture shock until I got there,” she says. “I was experienci­ng it at the same time Harper was.” But for Harper, a new country is just one obstacle. Combine that with the pressures of the job and quite a few drugs—remember that edge?—and “adulting” becomes even more complicate­d. “Most finance dramas are dealing with adults who are 30 and it’s all about the money,” Herrold says. “But this show isn’t really about finance. It’s about these young people trying to figure out who they are and all these strange, incredibly personal relationsh­ips that they form with each other in this dangerous, intimidati­ng environmen­t.” of recent college grads forced to deal with the realities of adult life. (Think intern class meets high finance, but on HBO so it has an edge.) “They are at probably the most pivotal part in a young person’s life where they’re going from being in college to this very niche finance world where they’re suddenly being asked to move and participat­e like adults would—but they’re not that yet, so it’s like a child in an old man’s suit,” star Myha’la Herrold tells EW. “On the inside, they’re scared to death because the environmen­t is not anything they’ve ever experience­d before.” Those new surroundin­gs are most intense for Herrold’s character, Harper, the sole American among her peers. The actress felt similar pressure when she arrived in London. “I didn’t fully Grey’s Anatomy’s THE SIMPLE CLICK OF A COMPUTER mouse has never been so stressful. On HBO’s upcoming series viewers are taken inside the highstakes world of investment banking, where one mistake—or one click— can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Or is it sterling? The drama, which has Lena Dunham on board as an executive producer and director, is set in London and follows a group Industry, ↑ (Clockwise from top left) David Jonsson as Gus, Ben Lloyd-Hughes as Greg, Harry Lawtey as Robert, Sagar Radia as Rishi, and Myha’la Herrold as Harper —SAMANTHA HIGHFILL (Girls) HBO FALL NETWORK DATE JULY 2020 22 EW ● COM

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