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“THIS IS A MERE SLIVER OF WHAT THE MOVIE IS GOING TO BE,” ↑ Jack CutmoreSco­tt, Washington, and Pattinson suit up in Tenet producer Emma Thomas tells EW in the sweltering California desert this past October. If this is a sliver, writer-director Christophe­r Nolan’s latest film is going to be a doozy: On an expanse of dusty, sun-blasted terrain approximat­ely 80 miles east of Palm Springs, an abandoned city of destroyed buildings and rubble has been constructe­d from scratch, a vast set populated by hundreds of extras in military camouflage uniforms. As the day progresses, and the temperatur­e climbs, two of the film’s stars, John David Washington and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, repeatedly sprint down the road bifurcatin­g the cityscape. Robert Pattinson, driving an armored military vehicle, is in hot pursuit; he’s followed by another truck holding both an IMAX camera and Nolan. The whole shebang is pretty much the most impressive Hollywood-financed flex you could hope to see. Even Nolan, 50, who has plenty of experience directing outsize movies—Interstell­ar, and the Christian Bale-starring Dark Knight trilogy—seems impressed. “The set would certainly rank as one of the largest-scale outdoor builds of all time,” he says. “It’s colossal.” It is something of a surprise that EW has been invited to witness the proceeding­s today, given the secrecy surroundin­g the Warner Bros. film. When Tenet ↗ Elizabeth Debicki and Kenneth Branagh’s characters seem to be having marital problems → Washington gets roped into adventure as “the Protagonis­t” Inception,

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