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Contents JULY 2020 7 THE STARS OF HOMEBOUND EDITION TENET: ← JOHN DAVID WATCH. READ. LISTEN. ENGAGE. WASHINGTON A list of illuminati­ng films, TV shows, and more for those seeking insight into the roots of systemic racism and its depictions in media and culture. “I am John David the cooking guy. I’ve always been a good griller, but I feel like I’m flirting with greatness right now, because I’m getting the reps. If anybody needs anything seasoned and grilled, I’m your guy.” 24 → ROBERT PATTINSON ALL EYES ON “I’ve been desperatel­y trying to not get fat. It’s just impossible. I watched the Tony Robbins documentar­y TENET Christophe­r Nolan gives EW a lesson on his new timebendin­g creation, no Zoom required. [I Am Not Your Guru] BY CLARK COLLIS and got obsessed about those mini trampoline­s. I’ve spent a lot of time on a mini trampoline.” 32 PEACOCK TAKES FLIGHT ELIZABETH DEBICKI NBC enters the streaming fray with a mix of starstudde­d originals and a deep library. “I’ve been trying to stay centered. I do that with a lot of yoga, and with a lot of cooking. It’s a trampoline situation.” mental 38 ON THE COVER SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD Robert Pattinson, John David Washington, and Elizabeth Debicki photograph­ed exclusivel­y for EW by Marc Hom on March 8, 2020, in London ORAL HISTORY Brie Larson and Chris Evans in a movie pre-MCU? Here’s a look back at the making of Edgar Wright’s cult classic. PATTINSON’S STYLING: CHLOE BEENEY; GROOMING: PETRA SELLGE/DIOR/THE WALL GROUP; JACKET, PANTS, SHIRT: DIOR; WASHINGTON’S STYLING: SAMANTHA MCMILLEN/THE WALL GROUP; GROOMING: MIRA HUSSEINI; SUIT, SHIRT, TIE: BURBERRY; JEWELRY: CARTIER; DEBICKI’S STYLING: ANNABELLE HARRON/THE WALL GROUP; HAIR: PETER LUX/THE WALL GROUP; MAKEUP: MARY GREENWELL/THE WALL GROUP; SUIT: GABRIELA HEARST BY CLARK COLLIS SOUND BITES EDITOR’S NOTE THE MUST LIST FIRST TAKE REVIEWS ENDGAMES THE BULLSEYE 3 5 10 19 44 83 84 PHOTOGRAPH BY MARC HOM JULY 2020 EW ● COM 1

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