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BRAVE NEW WORLD PEACOCK DIVES INTO A STRUGGLE-FREE WORLD WHERE PLEASURE IS VALUED ABOVE ALL ELSE IN THIS BOLD ADAPTATION OF ALDOUS HUXLEY’S DYSTOPIAN NOVEL, STARRING JESSICA BROWN FINDLAY, ALDEN EHRENREICH, AND HARRY LLOYD. BY CHANCELLOR AGARD Crowe Jessica Brown Findlay). Despite the drugs, the two feel is missing, which connects them in the premiere and alienates them from the rest of the populace. “They don’t have the words or tools to tackle it. It’s not like anything they’ve ever experience­d, yet it’s unavoidabl­e and it’s not going anywhere,” says Lloyd. That sense of dislocatio­n is what convinced Brown Findlay to audition. “There was something in her that I have felt acutely in the past. There was a sort of searching and longing in her,” she says. For Wiener, focusing on the pair’s internal struggles, instead (Downton Abbey’s AT ITS HEART, CHRON- BRAVE NEW WORLD icles a very relatable dilemma: “How hard is it to be happy, and what does that really mean?” says showrunner David Wiener. “It’s the forever problem with people.” And it’s a heavy question befitting the show’s source material. An adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s prescient 1932 novel, the ambitious nineepisod­e series (out July 15) is set in New London, a bright and orgy-loving society that maintains peace with three rules: no privacy, no family, and no monogamy. Thanks to a readily available pharmaceut­ical called Soma, which quells pesky negative feelings, everyone is “happy.” Well, everyone except Bernard Marx Harry Lloyd), a counselor who is an Alpha+, the highest social class, and Beta+ scientist Lenina something (Game of Thrones’ ↑ Demi Moore as John’s (Alden Ehrenreich, above) mother, Linda

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