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something that happened in our youth. I realize now that it can happen at any age. The time felt right for Punky and for me. ↓ Bernard (Harry Lloyd) and Lenina (Jessica Brown Findlay) visit the Savage Lands Q&A PUNKY BREWSTER What do you hope the revival PARENT POWER: THE SWEET I have always felt like we were able to tell incredible stories that were authentic and real. We dealt with issues and topics that were going on both in our own families and the world around us. I want to continue to share those stories and try to help create open dialogue and change. I believe we need it now more than ever. / accomplish­es? LITTLE ORPHAN IS A SINGLE MOM IN THIS REVIVAL OF THE BELOVED NBC FAMILY SITCOM The fondly remembered ’80s sitcom starring Soleil Moon Frye as a spunky orphan in rainbow socks begins a new chapter on Peacock (debut TBD, due to the pandemic). Thirty-two years after we last saw her, Punky (Frye) is now a single mom raising three kids of her own. Here, the 43-year-old actress explains how her elvish alter ego never went away. of the speculativ­e future aspect, helps distinguis­h it from prior adaptation­s. “It’s less about the Orwellian problems of how to overthrow the state or challenges that people have,” he says. “We come from the perspectiv­e of, it’s a utopian novel [and] the dystopia it really ultimately reveals is the dystopia inside us.” He continues, “When you start to surrender some of these things that cause you suffering, you actually wind up surrenderi­ng the fundamenta­l parts of your humanity. What we tried to explore, especially [with] Lenina, is the value of those things.” Lenina’s and Bernard’s existentia­l crises intensify following a trip to the Savage Lands, a.k.a. what remains of the United States, which has been transforme­d into a theme park where New Londoners can gawk at the inhabitant­s and their divisive practices and values like monogamy, religion, and greed. There, Lenina and Bernard encounter the Soma-free John the Savage Alden Ehrenreich), who lives with his mother, Linda (Demi Moore), and accompanie­s the duo back home after saving them from a harrowing rebellion. “He has a really disruptive effect on the people of New London,” says Wiener of John’s natural emotional freedom. John also complicate­s Bernard and Lenina’s burgeoning connection. “There’s a lot of unspoken, undeniable curiosity that they have about each other—and it starts from the very first moment they see each other,” says Brown Findlay. Ehrenreich adds, “You watch that love triangle unfold, and it’s a perfect venue for all kinds of conflictin­g, difficult, and challengin­g emotions to arise.” Bernard and Lenina will have a hard time running away from these intrusive feelings. Peacock, meanwhile, hopes viewers will have a hard time resisting / Do people still call you Punky? I will be happy if they call me Punky at 80. I think in life we oftentimes get preoccupie­d with our own interior worlds, our lives, and sometimes we lose some of that spark within us. It is always there, but we don’t always follow it. I think in rediscover­ing Punky, I am also rediscover­ing myself once again, and we are reigniting that spark together, both Punky and Soleil. I have always said that I never really knew where Punky ended and I began, because we are the same in so many ways. I feel like we are rediscover­ing our Punky power together. I guess as a kid I thought coming of age was / Why did you want to do this? —LYNETTE RICE (Solo’s Brave New World. JULY 2020 EW ● COM 35

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