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OPENING THE HATCH These days, streaming is the name of the game. On July 15, NBC gets in on the action with Peacock, its very own streaming service (which is free for a limited version and up to $9.99/month for an ad-free premium iteration with more content). From a reboot of an old fave to a fresh comedy from a Friend, the service has a catalog of enticing new series. We’ve rounded up the original programmin­g we’re most excited about, including shows that will debut at launch and some that will premiere at a later date. —SAMANTHA HIGHFILL it’s like MI5 but geekier?) As for Jerry, he comes from the U.S. and makes a power grab that threatens the team’s ability to fight cyberterro­rism. Ross would never. Saved by the Bell Dr. Death Time out! Did the governor of California just close a bunch of low-income schools? He sure did, and his name is Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar)! In this reboot of the ’90s sitcom, Zack finds himself in hot water when he redirects a bunch of students to different schools, including, you guessed it, Bayside High. Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley are also set to return for the new series that makes us so excited, so excited, so…scared. The title is intimidati­ng, and so is the plot! Based on the podcast of the same name, stars Jamie Dornan as Dr. Christophe­r Duntsch, a charismati­c neurosurge­on no one has ever nicknamed McDreamy. Namely because his patients mysterious­ly leave surgery maimed or dead. (So he’s a McNightmar­e?) When the victim count continues to grow, two fellow physicians, played by Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater, set out to stop him. Dr. Death Battlestar Galactica If we’re talking about an enduring franchise, is already made up of multiple books, shows, videogames, board games, and, of course, passionate fans. Now creator Sam Esmail brings his vision to with a new series, the details of which are being kept under lock and key. All we know is that it’s set in the iconic sci-fi show’s universe, and really, what more do we need to know? Battlestar Galactica Mr. Robot Intelligen­ce Expecting David Schwimmer is ready to rejoin the sitcom world, but he’s swapping dinosaurlo­ving Ross Geller for a “maverick NSA agent” named Jerry. So times have definitely changed. This workplace comedy is set in the U.K.’s Government Communicat­ions Headquarte­rs. (Apparently Galactica Mindy Kaling, who brought us and, more recently, the incredibly charming is behind this comedy about a music manager who’s described as “perpetuall­y single.” At the age of 39, she asks her gay best friend to be her sperm donor. What could go wrong? The Mindy Project Never Have I Ever, ↑ Nick Mohammed and David Schwimmer show off their Intelligen­ce JULY 2020 36 EW ● COM

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