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trained with stunt choreograp­her Brad Allan before joining the rest of the cast for more physical work in Toronto. ← Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) faces the music; Ramona (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) gets hammered; Scott’s former girlfriend Knives (Ellen Wong); Chris Evans as action star Lucas Lee Clockwise from top (Kick-Ass) One day Jason and I were rehearsing our fight sequence and whichever trainer we were working with was filming it. The next day they had a little edited version of our fight. We were thrilled. We were like, “Oh my God, wow, look at us!” Brad looked up at us and said, “You guys are really not there; we have to double our efforts.” We were just like, “Oh my God.” They got us together in Toronto before we started shooting. It was all of us in this giant warehouse. One of us would be doing martial arts in the corner, and somebody else would be weight-lifting in another corner, and then Michael and Alison and [Mark Webber, who played Sex Bob-omb guitarist Stephen Stills] would be doing band stuff at the same time. It was really fun. That little training period was like an initiation. You do these group exercises and drills with medicine balls, and push-ups and sit-ups. Then we split into our own specialize­d stuntman sequences. We were spending all day together, and we were getting in shape, which makes you feel really good. I was living in the same building as Edgar and Michael Bacall [who wrote the film’s script with Wright], and we were all hanging out in one of our three apartments every night, a whole gang of us. It was such a happy time. Jason Schwartzma­n had this stalling technique where he would ask a lot of questions to get more rest time between exercises. The trainer would be talking about some martial-arts thing, an injury he had: “Yeah, that’s the most painful thing I’ve ever done in my life.” And [Jason], still trying to catch his breath, would be like, “What was the second-most painful thing?” CERA I was living in Quentin Tarantino’s guesthouse. Edgar saw and [thought of ] me for Ramona. As you can see with the finished film, I was being quite literal in terms of casting people that look exactly like the drawings [in the graphic novels]. I think it had a lot to do with my eyes looking really similar to the drawing. That’s very true. She has big eyes. WRIGHT Death Proof WINSTEAD WRIGHT WINSTEAD WINSTEAD [Laughs] WRIGHT Edgar called and said he was making this movie. I was such a big fan of his. It was a no-brainer. CHRIS EVANS (LUCAS LEE) As an Asian actress, I was never going out for a role like this. This was not the type of role that I would be able to even at. ELLEN WONG (KNIVES CHAU) EVANS look KIERAN CULKIN (WALLACE WELL0S) They didn’t send anything on the [script] cover letter. For all I knew, they wanted me to audition for Scott Pilgrim. I had no idea. But I got to the descriptio­n of Wallace; it said, “Wallace, 26, Scott’s cool gay roommate, arched eyebrow, disloyal.” I went, Yeah, got it. Brie Larson’s audition was just amazing. I’d seen a long line of people coming into the Universal lot to audition, and some people who were reasonably establishe­d. Brie—who was 19 at the time, maybe she was even 18 when she auditioned—blew everybody else away. Jared [LeBoff, executive producer] and I both said afterward, “We’ve got to cast her.” CERA [Laughs] WRIGHT BECK HOW WRIGHT BECAME Scott Pilgrim SEX BOB-OMB “We decorated Beck’s studio with the storyboard­s and art from the comics,” says Edgar Wright. “Forty-eight hours later [score composer] Nigel [Godrich] called and said, ‘Beck’s got a CD for us. A CD with 32 songs on it!’ ” BRYAN LEE O’MALLEY (WRITER OF THE The cast was mostly somewhat unknown at the time, but all of them have gone on to great things. SCOTT PILGRIM GRAPHIC NOVELS) FIGHT THE TRAINING JASON SCHWARTZMA­N (GIDEON They can throw me under the bus but they were catching their breath. — GRAVES) To prepare for the film’s fight scenes, Cera, Winstead, and Jason Schwartzma­n now, all JULY 2020 EW ● COM 41

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