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CONTENTS ↓ MOVIES 50 P. TV 56 P. MUSIC 72 P. BOOKS 78 P. Awardist THE EMMY CAM-PAINS COVID-19 DISRUPTED NOT ONLY THE PRODUCTION OF YOUR FAVORITE SHOWS BUT HOW HOLLYWOOD WILL RECOGNIZE THE BEST OF THE BUNCH AT ITS ANNUAL FETE By Lynette Rice publicist. “We had to get creative with marketing.” A lot of shows— especially those that don’t have names like Maisel or Saul in their titles—feel they have no choice. No voter in the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has the time or inclinatio­n to screen the hundreds of shows currently available on TV or via platforms such as Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. Since nomination­s typically go to the most heavily hyped shows and performers, a sleeper gem like HBO’s or Apple TV+’s has to move mountains to get a fair shake. (Adding insult to injury: The Emmys are the only major Hollywood awards show that collects a fee to compete.) “It’s going to be hard for shows to get the word out during the shutdown,” admits Tom O’Neil, creator of the popular Gold Derby website, which handicaps awards shows. “Normally there are 300 to 400 FYC panels on both coasts. Now these producers are facing a really horrific challenge: how to IF IT WERE ANY OTHER YEAR, shows like Netflix’s NBC’s would try to drum up Emmy interest by holding a panel discussion for voters, or promoting their dynamic stars Patti LuPone and Jane Levy on Los Angeles billboards. Unfortunat­ely, this is a year like no other: Orders to shelter at home because of the COVID-19 pandemic have not only upended Hollywood but completely altered the annual Emmy race. Since nomination­s are announced in late July, producers and publicists typically use late spring and early summer to spotlight their talent. But with gatherings of 10 or more people prohibited during the nominating period, and since no one is exactly shopping or taking advantage of public transporta­tion, For Your Considerat­ion (FYC) panels, mall installati­ons, bus boards, and billboards are a (temporary) vestige of the past. “We definitely had to restructur­e our campaigns. Obviously, people aren’t out,” laments one TV studio Hollywood Zoey’s Extraordin­ary Playlist and Los Espookys Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet EW ● COM 45 JULY 2020

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