Entertainment Weekly : 2020-07-01

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THIS MONTH’S SHARPEST LINES Sound Bites DEREK LAWRENCE @DEREKJLAWR­ENCE BY → “Jenni’s got a rebound game like Dennis Rodman.” “I APOLOGIZE TO EVERYONE EXPECTING TO SEE ME ON GOOD MORNING AMERICA TODAY, BUT AFTER THE EVENTS IN MINNESOTA WITH GEORGE FLOYD I’M IN NO MOOD TO TELL AMERICA, GOOD MORNING.” —Ronnie, reacting to newly single Jenni getting close with Pauly D, on Jersey Shore Family Vacation “IF YOU DECIDE TO STAY, YOU HAVE TO FIX YOUR PERSONALIT­Y. OR AT LEAST HIDE IT FROM ME, OKAY?” (Hong Chau), —Audrey advising an employee she doesn’t like, on Homecoming “IT’S ENTIRELY POSSIBLE THAT WHAT RAPPERS ARE SAYING IS TRUE. I MEAN, BEING BOSS IS DOPE.” “HE’S A JOURNALIST NOW!” —Ice Cube, expressing his outrage over the murder of George Floyd, on Twitter (Linda Cardellini), —Judy defending Sugar Ray frontman–turned–Extra host Mark McGrath’s music, on (Mark Proksch), —Colin Robinson his promotion, on loving What We Do in the Shadows Dead to Me “It always takes us forever to get any of the dope s--- in theaters at home. For real. Like Cairo just got can you believe that? F---, man, did those guys deserve that spin-off or what? I’m so proud of them.” Hobbs & Shaw, “Yeah, they seem like really cool people.” (Shadi Alfons), (Ramy Youssef), —Egypt native Shadi planning his visit to America with Ramy on Ramy Little Richard (1932-2020) Like rock music? Thank Richard Wayne Penniman, a.k.a. Little Richard, who died May 9 after a battle with bone cancer. The “Tutti Frutti” singer’s joyous shrieks and frenetic piano playing went on to help pioneer what would eventually be known as rock and roll. “I’M NOT CONCEITED, I’M CONVINCED.” —Little Richard, vociferous­ly and rightfully claiming his place in music history JULY 2020 EW ● COM 3

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