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UNAIRED PILOTS → THE INSPIRATIO­N SPLIT DECISION “At the time, my ex was saying something like, ‘If we’re meant to be, we’ll be meant to be,’ ” Tigelaar recalls. “That’s where I lost my s---. I was like, ‘As if there’s no free will or choice? You have to choose what’s meant to be! It’s a compilatio­n of every choice you make.’ ” IN 2006, CREATOR HEADED TO VANCOUVER TO SHOOT A PILOT ABOUT HOW OUR CHOICES DEFINE US. IT NEVER SAW THE LIGHT OF DAY. LIZ TIGELAAR By Samantha Highfill L Batman Begins. When Rachel Dawes (Katie Holmes) said, “It’s not who you are underneath, it’s what you do that defines you,” Tigelaar, as the kids would say, “I think I wrote that line in my journal,” Tigelaar says. “I remember thinking, in my breakup depression, it’s not about being a good person underneath, it’s about how at every moment you have a choice and that choice will have a ripple effect.” So Tigelaar started writing a pilot about a choice. Titled the show followed a teenage girl named Lennie on her first day of school. And when it came time for her to pick a seat in the cafeteria, things got interestin­g. “It was kind of a pilot,” Tigelaar says. “It showed two parallel stories of ↘ THE CONCEIT felt that. “The idea I loved is that everything will happen to all of us,” Tigelaar says. “We’ll all grow up, we’ll all have sex, we’ll all have our hearts broken, we’ll all fall in love and suffer loss and grief. In high school you’ll have prom and graduation, whether you go or not. The milestones will happen, but the circumstan­ces surroundin­g everything that happens could be totally different. In one version, we explored how your enemy could be your best friend. It’s how you connect with people.” LEAVE IT TO BATMAN TO INSPIRE A story about a high school girl. In 2005, Liz Tigelaar was just getting started as a television writer. She’d worked in a couple of rooms, including but hadn’t yet created her own series. At least not until she went through a breakup and ended up seeing Split Decision, Dawson’s Creek, Sliding Doors GERRAD HALL @GERRADHALL ILLUSTRATI­ON BY JAMIE COE EDITED BY →

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