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how who she sits with changes the trajectory of her relationsh­ips. It was meant to show how little, insignific­ant choices can end up having a really big effect on your life.” Tigelaar successful­ly sold the pilot to UPN, which then merged with Warner Bros. to form The CW. But that didn’t stop from heading to Vancouver and filming the pilot. With Jessy Schram as Lennie and Ben Barnes as her love interest, the cast also included Vanessa Lengies and Jessica Lucas as the popular girls, Alona Tal as the skater girl, and eventual costars Zach Roerig and Susan Walters as Lennie’s brother and mom. But ultimately, the pilot, which was directed by Simon West didn’t get picked up. “The feedback we got was, ‘Which one is really her?’” Tigelaar remembers. “They’re both her. But starting on I recognize people want to know who they’re rooting for, and they almost couldn’t conceptual­ly say, ‘There’s two different versions of you and I could like both of you as different characters.’ I weirdly feel like now audiences are so much more sophistica­ted in how they think about story that I don’t think I’d get the same note.” may not have been picked up to series, but it did have a lasting impact. “That pilot changed the trajectory of my whole career,” says Tigelaar, who’d go on to write on and create Guess you could say it was the right decision. ↑ Writer Liz Tigelaar on the 2006 set of in Split Decision Vancouver Split Decision (Once Upon a Time) (Westworld) ← (Glee) (Gotham) (Veronica Mars) Vampire LOOKING BACK “When I do look back at that script, I always just have a fondness for it,” Tigelaar says. “I feel like it’s a very simple concept that is rooted in who you become.” And it’s one audiences today might grasp. “I really should call Disney+,” Tigelaar says with a laugh. Diaries (Lara Croft: Tomb Raider), Dawson’s Creek, Split Decision Brothers & Sisters Little Fires Everywhere. JULY 2020 EW ● COM 57

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