Entertainment Weekly : 2020-07-01

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STAR KITCHENS 1 3 2 Cook Like Condor Lara Jean may hail from the Pacific Northwest, but Lana Condor’s tastes lean Southern. “I’ve been doing virtual cooking dates with my friend Madeline Arthur,” she says of her costar. “We’ve made dumplings, biscuits and fried chicken. The biscuits were delicious, and I even dropped some off at my neighbor’s house.” To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before [pictured], 4 —SEIJA RANKIN Gabrielle Union’s Lockdown Must-Haves HER TODDLER’S SNACKS “I started stealing [daughter] Kaavia’s Bitsy’s snacks because I’ve been wanting sweetness. It helps me not go all the way off my rigid actress diet. I’ll admit, I took food from the mouths of babes.” PANTRY RAID! CASEY WILSON THE ACTRESS OFFERS A GLIMPSE INSIDE HER SWEET L.A. CUPBOARD. BLACK MONDAY FAMILY MEALS “I’ve been making pasta with sun-dried and Roma tomatoes, garlic, onions, real butter, and extra virgin olive oil. I simmer the tomatoes together with garlic and a little onion with the butter and oil. I pour it over angel-hair pasta.” Ruth Kinane By 1 Betty Crocker Frosting Bulls fan, and I don’t know why they put the popcorn in this tin, but he’s been ordering it since the pandemic started. This is caramel mixed with cheese popcorn all in one— an acquired taste. a pass on the Oatly brand oat milk. It’s in demand among us Hollywood a--holes. / I think I went a little overboard with the frosting, but I’m glad we have it because you never know when life calls for icing. Honestly, I think of it as its own food group—it stands on its own quite comfortabl­y and confidentl­y. LOCAL RESTAURANT­S “Casa Vega is my favorite [takeout]— I like the Sonora tacos and albondigas soup. I’ve been going since I moved to L.A. I remember bombing auditions and going there; they’d see me and say, ‘Oof, another rough one?’ ” 4 Hershey’s Chocolate / We do like a random s’more with glutenfree graham crackers, marshmallo­ws, and the real-deal Hershey bar. It’s not like we have a fire pit—we’ll just really crudely do it over the stove. You stick it on the end of a chopstick and put it right on the flame. —AS TOLD TO ROSY CORDERO 3 Oatly Oat Milk / I’m an iced coffee person. I have to have it. I truly was very mindful about trying not to hoard during this time, but I did give myself 2 Garrett Popcorn / There’s a famous popcorn place in Chicago called Garrett’s. My husband is a huge

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