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The mastermind, 48, is back with the bigfoot horror novel Here, he reveals his own personal fandoms. World War Z POP CULTURE OF MY LIFE Max Brooks Devolution. By Clark Collis mountain is now an island, and he has become Robinson Crusoe. The last book I gave as a gift I’ll tell you, it’s sitting right here on my desk. I plan to give a selection of Mary Oliver’s poems, to my wife. She doesn’t know. Devotions, The first record I bought with my own money Might have been the Pretenders’ which I still listen to. Yeah, still love them. Most of [my] music tastes are horrendous. I still listen to Wang Chung. (4), Get Close 1. The last TV show to make me laugh out loud My son is on a very strict rewards schedule, where every time he brings home an A on a test he gets a We watch it together and God, it’s funny. It is not polite. It does not care about your feelings. (5). South Park 2. The character I’d want on my side during a zombie apocalypse 3. I’d want early Jack Ryan, as opposed to later, macho, jumpingacr­oss-buildings Jack Ryan. Early Jack Ryan was a no-nonsense analyst, and could give me a handle on how to respond effectivel­y. ’80s-nostalgia crap. I lived through the ’80s. It wasn’t that fun. My favorite book as a child I’m very, very dyslexic. As a kid, books were my enemy. I didn’t really sit down to read a book on my own until I was about 16. And that was by Tom Clancy That changed everything. Then I was off. You put down a Tom Clancy book and you felt smarter as well as entertaine­d. My all-time favorite movie If I was on a desert island and had one movie to watch? I could probably watch that one again. (2). The Last Emperor The Hunt for Red 4. (1). October The book that best prepared me to survive a pandemic Oh, a good question. was read to me as a children’s bedtime story by my mother [actress Anne Bancroft], who was a closet scientist. It traces the history of germs: how humans discovered them, eventually linked them to disease. It’s a fascinatin­g detective story of human-microbe evolution. that’s Microbe Hunters The one book I read over and over I’m rereading a Japanese comic book called by Takao Saito. I go back to it constantly. It’s a brilliant story about a kid spelunking in a cave somewhere in Japan. There’s an earthquake, and he crawls out from the cave to see that it’s sunk half of Japan and his (3) Survival 5. The last TV show I binged Right now, we’re binging which is so great, and really hearkens back to my childhood in the ’80s. It’s the only TV show I’m watching that blows up all this Narcos, JULY 2020 82 EW ● COM

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