Entertainment Weekly : 2020-07-01

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THIS MONTH’S HITS & MISSES Least important question of the year, but: What the hell is going on with Jax from Vanderpump Rules? DARREN FRANICH @DARRENFRAN­ICH BY → Half a century after Jack Kirby created deviously brilliant übervillai­n Darkseid, the Snyder Cut will at long last reveal his abs, I guess. This is a crazy new season of Update: World may actually end and James Cameron will still be in New Zealand filming more NBA finalizes bold plans to bring COVID-19 to Disney World. Feud. Avatars. Farewell, Christo. We hope the gates of heaven are orange. In The Old Guard, Praying Charlize Theron plays a warrior who lives forever, which is how long we have to wait to see her in Lovecraft Country Oliver Stone wrote a memoir. At least that’s what want you to think. hits big so everyone learns how to say “Cthulhu.” they Fast & Furious 9. Delroy Lindo could win an Oscar for but don’t forget he should also win an Emmy for Don’t miss Search Party, Da 5 where the brilliant Alia Shawkat rips out millennial­dom’s beating heart and devours it whole. Bloods, Masterpiec­e The Good Fight. Do the Right Thing turns 31, which is 31 years too long to be breaking news. Wellintent­ioned Blackout Tuesday mess proves white people can’t even shut up correctly... ...on that note, do soulless corporatio­ns’ pro-civil-rights statements actually mean anything? While pondering this, the soulless corporate entity known as Bullseye donated to the Equal Justice Initiative at eji.org. (You should, too!) “I’d rather be drunk but at least I’m alive” = best misheard lyric since “lonely Starbucks lover” Maybe SpaceX sends off the planet next. Space Force Remember when Transforme­rs 4 celebrated how the Chinese government will “protect Hong Kong at all costs”? Cool totalitari­an propaganda, Michael Bay! That’s not even how you hold a book, man.

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