Entertainment Weekly : 2020-07-01

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WATCH. Read. LISTEN. Engage. T documentar­y and fiction, that may facilitate a journey to a deeper understand­ing. Inspired by Ava DuVernay’s recent initiative to supplement her projects tackling race and racism—beginning with educationa­l materials adjacent to her searing Netflix miniseries there are additional suggestion­s for further watching, listening, and reading. This is not a comprehens­ive list by any means. For some, it is the base of an enormous mountain that is long overdue for climbing. For more resources, please visit eji.org, blacklives­matter.com, colorofcha­nge.org, and nmaahc.si.edu. THIS STORY WILL NOT SOLVE RACISM. Enlightenm­ent is an evolution, not a checklist. Hundreds of years of systemic oppression can’t be undone by watching a single film, reading a single book, listening to a single podcast—or making a single list in a magazine. But daily headlines and adrenaline taper off. Social media posts fade. For those seeking insight into what African-Americans face on a daily basis from both institutio­ns and individual­s, and how those challenges have been and continue to be depicted in the media and popular entertainm­ent, here are a few projects, both When They See Us— EW ● COM 7 JULY 2020

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