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East­ern and western equine en­cephalomyeli­tis have sim­i­lar life cy­cles, but they are spread by dif­fer­ent mos­quito vec­tors. EEE is gen­er­ally car­ried by Culiseta mela­nura; WEE is usu­ally spread by Culex tarsalis. WEE virus is also am­pli­fied by small birds and is spread pri­mar­ily by a dif­fer­ent mos­quito vec­tor, Culex tarsalis, which breeds in ir­ri­ga­tion ditches in agri­cul­tural ar­eas as well as in nat­u­ral ponds and wa­ter­ways west of the Mis­sis­sippi River. No out­breaks of WEE have oc­curred in re­cent years. How­ever, the virus is still found in sur­veys of birds and mosquitoes, and an out­break re­mains a pos­si­bil­ity.

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