Hold­ing fast to tra­di­tions

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tions “old Italy, mod­ern­ize Ad­her­ence ways” the can re­luc­tance be cer­tainly has use­ful, to frus­trated horse­keep­ing but aren’t of horse some­times some bet­ter. own­ers tradi- equine In the to nu­tri­tion­ists, Valle, DVM, PhD, in­clud­ing ECVCN, Emanuela diplo­mate of the Univer­sity of Turin. In 2009, Valle pub­lished a large-scale study of feed­ing prac­tices of elite and mid-level show jumpers in Italy, writ­ing in the con­clu­sion: “The feed­ing plan man­age­ment is based only to achieve a good body con­di­tion score, with­out tak­ing into ac­count other im­por­tant fac­tors for the wel­fare is even re­ceive hay Ital­ian think feed­ing re­ally be paid Break­ing more and if that feel tra­di­tion; they to a of is sim­ple dif­fi­cult, diet the grand­fa­ther’s the still the are with nu­tri­tion based horse.… im­pact good ce­re­als top horse says tra­di­tion even­ters. be­cause only on Valle, of own­ers Lit­tle ac­cord­ing way per­for­mance.” on sport in meadow be­cause of they They at­ten­tion Italy horse horses, of­ten don’t to still may of feeds choice she com­pa­nies but lim­ited many says. and is not “There times avail­abil­ity the that so lack pro­duce big they are of like some are in­for­ma­tion. of in more feed also Amer­ica,” lo­cal pro­duc­ing for mod­ern Ital­ian horses, “The other We brands also prod­ucts in have other a like few coun­tries. feeds the feed from Se­nior for big rab­bits. feed at even in­creas­ing.” the as mo­ment the num­ber She is adds not of a that aged big mar­ket, for horses some is own­ers spend lot tra­di­tion of ef­fort is in still prepar­ing strong. “cooked” They meals “We still even have for places a barn where with 60 they horses. do the ce­real mashes in the win­ter once a week. They cook the ce­re­als for one hour (1 kg for each 500 kg horse) and add cooked lin­seed and bran.” Even while hold­ing to tra­di­tion, Ital­ian horse­keep­ers have adopted a few mod­ern feed­ing prac­tices. Over­all man­age­ment of nu­tri­tion of horses is im­prov­ing, says Valle, es­pe­cially in the mar­ket of sup­ple­ments. Valle says prod­ucts for joint sup­port and to pre­vent gas­tric ul­cers are com­mon, as are calm­ing sup­ple­ments.

Horses re­ceive a diet based on only meadow hay and sim­ple ce­re­als ac­cord­ing to Ital­ian tra­di­tion.

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