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Thank you for “Train­ing By Re­ward” (EQUUS 481). Years ago I was an ap­pren­tice for a trainer. She taught me ev­ery­thing de­scribed in this ar­ti­cle, and I’m so thank­ful for it. I could never quite put this stuff into words but this won­der­ful ar­ti­cle does.

Over the years I have wit­nessed quite a few peo­ple miss­ing those ever so im­por­tant “right tim­ings.” Some are sim­ply obliv­i­ous to the small progress the horse has made. They are only fo­cused on the big pic­ture, not re­al­iz­ing each ac­com­plish­ment is only achieved with many baby steps in be­tween.

I used to be that way, too, un­til I was taught to be more in tune with my horse. Break­ing things down into baby steps and notic­ing the small changes was one of the most im­por­tant lessons I learned. I’m happy to say that trainer and I are still friends and I con­tinue to learn from her. As the say­ing goes, “You can never stop learn­ing with horses.” Name with­held upon re­quest

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