MOD­ERN­IZE your horseGs MASH


Cook­ing a hot meal for your horse is a com­fort­ing win­ter­time rit­ual. Skip the tra­di­tional bran-based mashes, how­ever: They can lead to di­ges­tive up­set from the sud­den ra­tion change or nu­tri­tional im­bal­ances if fed too of­ten. You can make a safer hot meal by ad­ding a few cups of warm wa­ter to your horse’s nor­mal grain ra­tion. Most pel­lets will soak up wa­ter within a few min­utes.

If you want to add a spe­cial treat to a hot meal, keep your horse’s di­etary re­stric­tions in mind. Skip sug­ary addins---like ap­ples, mo­lasses and even car­rots---for horses who have in­sulin re­sis­tance or other meta­bolic chal­lenges. In­stead, try a treat with a lowg­lycemic in­dex like cel­ery, peanuts in their shells or al­falfa pel­lets. For horses with no re­stric­tions, you can have a bit of fun, but be sen­si­ble. A sin­gle pep­per­mint placed on top of a mash will de­light a horse just as much as a half­dozen hid­den through­out it.

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