The win­ners of the Great Cow­boy Race

EQUUS - - Conformation Insights -

got to pose, too: “Old Joe” Gille­spie stands at left; Char­lie Smith is seated at right. The win­ner’s pearl-han­dled Colt shows in Gille­spie’s hol­ster. Note the flat-bod­ied con­for­ma­tion of both horses, a def­i­nite plus in en­duro com­pe­ti­tion. Un­doubt­edly both an­i­mals were part-Thor­ough­bred and might even have had some “Araby.” The name of Smith’s chest­nut horse is Red Wing,

which de­scribes his color, but the name of Gille­spie’s horse is much more in­for­ma­tive: It was Billy Mack, and the name of his spare horse (not in this photo) was Billy Schafer. Horses in that era were not called “Billy” un­less they had Billy blood. As we will see in our next in­stall­ment, in just a few more years Thor­ough­bred crossed on Billy or rondo would be­come the go-to com­bi­na­tion for short-track suc­cess.

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