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Where to start There are two meth­ods: by hand or in the dish­washer. Check the no­ta­tions on the bot­tom of a dish to see if it re­quires del­i­cate care or can hang with the bulk of ’em in the dish­washer.

Hand­wash­ing 101

Fill up half the sink with the hottest wa­ter your fin­gers can stand—and we mean it. Hot wa­ter is the most ef­fec­tive at killing germs when hand­wash­ing. Get soapy. You know what to do. Wash in this or­der: crys­tal (as for hol­i­day guests), glass­ware, clear glass plates, other plates, flat­ware, serv­ing ware, the greasi­est serv­ing dishes and cook­ing uten­sils, then pots and pans. This lineup en­sures that del­i­cate items are less likely to break un­der the weight of heavy ones be­ing washed on top of them, and the dirt­ier dishes won’t clog up the sink be­fore you even re­ally be­gin. Start wash­ing from the non-eat­ing/ -drink­ing sides or sur­faces be­fore mov­ing to the in­side of the glass or front of the plate. Make sure to scrub han­dles and any other parts that are touched by hands. Re­place wa­ter when it has cooled or be­comes too dirty. Duh.

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