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Meal­time is less fren­zied when you feed chick­ens from these handy buck­ets.


Feed­ing and wa­ter­ing chick­ens doesn’t have to be a messy task. Melissa Griffiths cre­ates low-cost, ef­fi­cient feed­ers and wa­ter­ers us­ing eas­ily found items. Start with two 5-gal­lon buck­ets with air­tight lids (pickle buck­ets from the lo­cal deli work) and two round metal pans from the hard­ware store that are at least 16 inches wide and 4 inches deep. With a 1-inch stan­dard drill bit, drill 1-inch holes around the bucket sides near the bot­tom, about 2 inches apart. Then set each bucket up­right in a pan: Fill with chicken feed or wa­ter. The feed and wa­ter flow nat­u­rally out through the holes, but the wa­terer’s lid needs an air­tight seal to pre­vent over­flow. To keep chick­ens off the pan rim, Melissa places a board wider than the pan on top of each filled bucket.

Melissa Griffiths is a hobby farmer who loves rais­ing chick­ens and lambs, and she keeps a huge gar­den on 7 acres in south­ern Utah. She has a knack for grow­ing pump­kins, and she cans more to­ma­toes in a sea­son than she can count. She sells pro­duce, eggs and hand­made aprons at her lo­cal farm­ers mar­ket. When she’s not car­ing for the an­i­mals or weed­ing the gar­den, she’s in the kitchen with her five kids, rang­ing in age from 2 to 10, cook­ing up a storm. She and her hus­band are cur­rently build­ing their dream farm­house. Visit blessthismess­ for her sea­sonal recipes, tips on pre­serv­ing and more.

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