Drug Com­pa­nies Fear Re­lease of the New AloeCure

Big Pharma stands to lose bil­lions as doc­tors’ rec­om­mend drug-free “health cock­tail” that ad­justs and cor­rects your body’s health con­di­tions.

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Drug com­pany ex­ecs are ner­vous. That’s be­cause the great­est health ad­vance in decades has hit the streets. And an­a­lysts ex­pect it to put a huge crimp in “Big Pharma” prof­its. So what’s all the fuss about? It’s about a new in­gre­di­ent that’s chang­ing the lives of peo­ple who use it. Some call it “the great­est dis­cov­ery since peni­cillin”! The name of the prod­uct is the AloeCure. It’s not a drug. It’s some­thing com­pletely dif­fer­ent. And the prod­uct is avail­able to any­one who wants it, at a rea­son­able price. But de­mands may force fu­ture prices to rise.


Com­pany spokesper­son, Dr. Liza Leal; a lead­ing in­te­gra­tive health spe­cial­ist rec­om­mends AloeCure be­fore she de­cides to pre­scribe any di­ges­tion drug. Es­pe­cially af­ter the FDA’s stern warn­ing about long-term use of drugs clas­si­fied as pro­ton pump in­hibitors like . In a nut­shell, the FDA state­ment warned peo­ple should avoid tak­ing these di­ges­tion drugs for longer than three 14-day treat­ment pe­ri­ods be­cause there is an in­creased risk of bone frac­tures. Many peo­ple take them daily and for decades. Dr. Leal should know. Many pa­tients come to her with bone and joint com­plaints and she does ev­ery­thing she can to help them. One way for di­ges­tion suf­fer­ers to help avoid pos­si­ble risk of tragic joint and bone prob­lems caused by overuse of di­ges­tion drugs is to take the AloeCure. Prilosec®, Nex­ium®, and Pre­vacid®

An­a­lysts ex­pect the AloeCure to put a huge crimp in “Big Pharma” prof­its.

The se­cret to AloeCure’s “health ad­just­ing” for­mula is sci­en­tif­i­cally tested Ace­man­nan, a polysac­cha­ride ex­tracted from Aloe Vera. But not the same aloe vera that mom used to ap­ply to your cuts, scrapes and burns. This is a per­fect strain of aloe that is or­gan­i­cally grown un­der very strict con­di­tions. AloeCure is so pow­er­ful it be­gins to ben­e­fit your health the in­stant you take it. It soothes in­testi­nal dis­com­fort and you can avoid the pos­si­bil­ity of bone and health dam­age caused by overuse of di­ges­tion drugs. We all know how well aloe works ex­ter­nally on cuts, scrapes and burns. But did you know Ace­man­nan has many of other health ben­e­fits?...


Ac­cord­ing to a lead­ing aloe re­search, when cor­rectly pro­cessed for di­gest­ing, the Aloe plant has a pow­er­ful com­po­nent for reg­u­lat­ing your im­mune sys­tem called Ace­man­nan. So whether it’s dam­age that is phys­i­cal, bac­te­rial, chem­i­cal or au­toim­mune; the nat­u­ral plant helps the body stay healthy.


Aloe has proved to have an as­ton­ish­ing ef­fect on users who suf­fer with di­ges­tion prob­lems like bouts of acid re­flux, heart­burn, cramp­ing, gas and con­sti­pa­tion be­cause it acts as a nat­u­ral acid buf­fer and soothes the di­ges­tive sys­tem. But new stud­ies prove it does a whole lot more.


So you’ve been tak­ing pro­ton pump in­hibitors (PPI’s) for years and you feel just fine. In June of 2015 a ma­jor study shows that chronic PPI use in­creases the risk of heart at­tack in gen­eral pop­u­la­tion.


Stud­ies show that your brain needs the healthy bac­te­ria from your gut in order func­tion at its best. Both low and high dosages of di­ges­tion drugs are proven to de­stroy that healthy bac­te­ria and get in the way of brain func­tion. So you’re left with a slug­gish, slow-to-re­act brain with­out a lot of room to store in­for­ma­tion. The ace­man­nan used in AloeCure ac­tu­ally makes your gut health­ier, so healthy bac­te­ria flows freely to your brain so you think bet­ter, faster and with a larger ca­pac­ity for mem­ory. Doc­tors call it “The great­est health dis­cov­ery in decades!”


A night with­out sleep re­ally dam­ages your body. And con­tin­ued lost sleep can lead to all sorts of health prob­lems. But what you may not re­al­ize is the rea­son why you’re not sleep­ing. Some call it “Ghost Re­flux”. A low­in­ten­sity form of acid re­flux dis­com­fort that qui­etly keeps you awake in the back­ground. AloeCure helps di­ges­tion so you may find your­self sleep­ing through the night. CELEBRITY HAIR, SKIN & NAILS Cer­tain antacids may greatly re­duce your body’s abil­ity to break down and ab­sorb cal­cium. Aloe de­liv­ers cal­cium as it aids in bal­anc­ing your stom­ach acid­ity. The re­sult? Thicker, health­ier look­ing hair…more youth­ful look­ing skin… And nails so strong they may never break again.


Na­tional and lo­cal news out­lets are re­port­ing Kid­ney Fail­ure linked to PPI’s. Your Kid­ney ex­tracts waste from blood, balance body flu­ids, form urine, and aid in other im­por­tant func­tions of the body. With­out it your body would be over­run by deadly tox­ins. Aloe helps your kid­ney func­tion prop­erly. Stud­ies sug­gest, if you started tak­ing aloe to­day; you’d see a big dif­fer­ence in the way you feel.


Due to the in­cred­i­ble re­sults peo­ple are re­port­ing, AloeCure is be­ing sold with an equally in­cred­i­ble guar­an­tee. “We can only of­fer this in­cred­i­ble guar­an­tee be­cause we are 100% cer­tain this prod­uct will work for those who use it,” Says Dr. Leal. Here’s how it works: Take the pill ex­actly as di­rected. You must see and feel re­mark­able im­prove­ments in your di­ges­tive health, your men­tal health, in your phys­i­cal ap­pear­ance, the amount in­flam­ma­tion you have through­out your body – even in your abil­ity to fall asleep at night! Oth­er­wise, sim­ply re­turn the empty bot­tles with a short note about how you took the pills and fol­lowed the sim­ple in­struc­tions and the com­pany will send you...Dou­ble your money back!


This is the of­fi­cial na­tion­wide re­lease of the new AloeCure pill in the United States. And so, the com­pany is of­fer­ing our read­ers up to 3 FREE bot­tles with their order. This spe­cial give-away is avail­able for read­ers of this pub­li­ca­tion only. All you have pro­vide the op­er­a­tor with the Free Bot­tle Ap­proval Code: JC025. The com­pany will do the rest. Im­por­tant: Due to AloeCure’s re­cent me­dia ex­po­sure, phone lines are of­ten busy. If you call and do not im­me­di­ately get through, please be pa­tient and call back.

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