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iphones. An­droid tablets. Mac­books. The desk­top PC. Tra­di­tion­ally, each de­vice at your work space re­quires its very own key­board, and switch­ing among them dur­ing the day of­ten re­quires you to lit­er­ally jug­gle. The Log­itech K780 key­board, which went on sale last year, solves this prob­lem by let­ting you do all your typ­ing in one place. It fea­tures an un­can­nily steady coun­ter­weighted cra­dle that can ac­com­mo­date a range of touch-screen de­vices and can Blue­tooth-pair with al­most any gad­get run­ning al­most any op­er­at­ing sys­tem, al­low­ing you to switch be­tween them in­stantly with a sin­gle but­ton press.

The K780 was in­spired by con­sumer re­search: Amer­i­cans were tog­gling be­tween many de­vices and de­sired one key­board to rule them all. As it hap­pened, two years ago, in an ef­fort to trans­form from a stuffy Pc-pe­riph­er­als com­pany to a life­style brand, Log­itech be­gan con­sol­i­dat­ing its key­board de­sign stan­dards—er­gonomic, geo­met­ric, and ma­te­rial. The tim­ing was ideal.

“We spent a year and a half col­lect­ing the wis­dom in peo­ple’s heads across the com­pany, so when we get into a project like this one, we don’t spend time re­build­ing out what we’ve done be­fore,” says Malachy Spollen, one of Log­itech’s de­sign leads. “We can fo­cus on the 20% that makes the prod­uct unique.”

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