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1. In­sightec

For treat­ing es­sen­tial tre­mor with guided ul­tra­sound

2. Utilis

For emit­ting mi­crowaves to in­spect un­der­ground wa­ter pipes for leaks, help­ing cities save bil­lions of gal­lons

3. Workey

For find­ing tal­ent for Wework, Or­a­cle, and Dell us­ing ap­pli­cants’ so­cial ties

4. Flytrex

For build­ing an ur­ban drone de­liv­ery net­work

5. Forter

For spot­ting e-commerce fraud in real time


For de­tect­ing sal­able goods in pho­tos and mak­ing them easy to buy

7. Ze­bra Med­i­cal Vi­sion

For pro­vid­ing life­sav­ing AI scans at $1 apiece

8. Our­crowd

For com­bin­ing eq­uity crowd­fund­ing with re­cruit­ing

9. Airobotics

For fly­ing fully au­ton­o­mous drones with­out hu­man guid­ance for in­dus­trial use

10. Fiverr

For help­ing free­lancers get af­ford­able health­care

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