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I en­joyed all of the Fire Is­sue, but Will Brant­ley’s “The Bow Bub­ble” (Hunt­ing) was un­prece­dented. I’m a big-time archery guy, but I had no idea the $1,000-plus price tags of many com­pound bows were af­fect­ing lo­cal bow shops, and driv­ing some out of busi­ness, as Brant­ley re­ports. Thanks for teach­ing me some­thing new with ev­ery is­sue.

Jeff Ka­cena, Val­paraiso, Ind.

“The Bow Bub­ble” touched on im­por­tant is­sues fac­ing bowhunters, es­pe­cially the high cost of flag­ship bows. Within one year, those bows are “out­dated,” so you can’t sell them for any­where near what you paid. I love archery, but the high prices and low re­turns have forced me to re­turn to guns and am­mu­ni­tion.

Brian Bernardo, Bridge­port, Texas

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