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I asked a friend why he was catch­ing fish and I wasn’t. He told me I’d have bet­ter luck if I put the worm in my mouth to warm it up so it would wig­gle more in the cold wa­ter.


“Just grab it by the tail; it can’t bite you back there.” Spin­ner sharks don’t count in that cat­e­gory, ap­par­ently. —DOU­GLAS FISHER

Af­ter four cold hours of hunt­ing muskies, I caught my first big one. A dude I was with said, “Just lip it like a large­mouth.” The cen­ter tooth went straight through my thumb. I only made that mis­take once.


“When fish­ing stream­ers, prick your fin­gers with the hook so the trout smells blood and thinks it’s a real min­now.” —TYLER STRAIGHT

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