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There are two schools of thought when it comes to clos­ing breakac­tion shotguns. Some peo­ple keep things sim­ple and just close them; oth­ers put their thumb on the lever so they can ease the gun shut to save wear. New guns are typ­i­cally tight and can sim­ply be closed; if any­thing, they may need an ex­tra push on the lever to fully seat. If a gun’s lever wants to snap shut—my dad’s Beretta is this way—I’ll ease it shut with my thumb, as do the own­ers of Foxes and L.C. Smiths, whose guns have rotary bolts that shut like mouse­traps. To be on the safe side, I al­ways ease the lever shut, then snug it closed, when I’m han­dling some­one else’s dream gun.

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