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Each of the fol­low­ing test cat­e­gories was worth up to 20 points, for a max­i­mum to­tal score of 100: Cast­ing For each species cat­e­gory, we matched the rods with the same ap­pro­pri­ately sized reel and cast­ing weight. Then Cer­mele and I took nu­mer­ous throws with ev­ery rod, rat­ing each for how well it loaded up and how far it cast.

Com­po­nents We care­fully in­spected the han­dle ma­te­rial, guides and in­serts, reel seats, and wraps and gave each rod a cu­mu­la­tive score for the qual­ity of its hard­ware.

Sen­si­tiv­ity Cer­mele and I re­peat­edly cast and dragged weights across grass, con­crete, macadam, and mud to test how well sub­tle sig­nals were trans­mit­ted through the rod.

Blank Qual­ity We as­sessed ini­tial blank qual­ity and over­all per­for­mance.

Feel and Fin­ish Tak­ing into con­sid­er­a­tion weight, grip, and er­gonomics, we rated the rods for com­fort, and we ex­am­ined the wraps, han­dle, reel seat, and over­all ap­pear­ance of each model. —M.M.

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