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Best new shot­guns of 2017, ranked and rated.

The slim and shootable BR110 nar­rowly outscored the com­pe­ti­tion to fin­ish as the top up­land shot­gun for 2017. Hon­estly, it breaks no new ground in de­sign. What sets the BR110 apart is value. By for­go­ing the laser en­grav­ing that so of­ten makes en­try-level guns look tacky in an at­tempt to make them look bet­ter, the BR110 ap­pears re­strained and ele­gant, for less. The BR110 com­pares well with other Ital­ian-made o/u’s that cost a fair bit more. Our test model, a 20-gauge with 30-inch bar­rels, proved a nice mar­riage of light weight and dis­ci­plined bal­ance.

2 Sav­age Fox A Grade SCORE: 72.2 • $4,999 • sav­

SPECS: 2 ⁄4" 20-gauge (12 avail­able) • Break-ac­tion dou­ble • 6 lb. • 28" bar­rels (26" avail­able) Sav­age has re­vived one of the great names in Amer­i­can dou­bles, Fox. The A Grade’s re­ceiver is beau­ti­fully case col­ored, sculpted, and en­graved to evoke the orig­i­nal A.H. Foxes, though it’s a dif­fer­ent gun in­ter­nally. With its straight stock, slim fore-end, and dou­ble trig­gers, this well-bal­anced 6-pounder was an old-school treat to shoot. Stocked to mod­ern di­men­sions, it’s easy for to­day’s shoot­ers to han­dle. Three-inch cham­bers would make it more ver­sa­tile. But all told, it’s a steel-friendly, thor­oughly mod­ern, Amer­i­can-made, tra­di­tional dou­ble gun, and that is no small thing. 3 Cae­sar Guerini Tem­pio Light

SCORE: 70.8 • $4,075 •

SPECS: 3-inch 28-gauge (12 and 20 avail­able) • Break-ac­tion o/u • 5 lb. 4 oz. • 28" bar­rels (26" avail­able in 28 only) Ex­ten­sively dec­o­rated, the Tem­pio Light had the nicest looks of all. The al­loy re­ceiver and a par­tially hol­lowed stock drop the weight to 51⁄4 pounds, putting the gun squarely into “wand” ter­ri­tory. With a pleas­ing for­ward bal­ance, it swings as smoothly as a 51⁄4-pounder can. But a tar­get gun it is not. No one shot it par­tic­u­larly well at clays, and we no­ticed the re­coil, but the sport­ing clays course is not this gun’s nat­u­ral habi­tat. It’s a spe­cialty gun, per­fect for car­ry­ing one­handed through the grouse woods, tak­ing quick pokes at fleet­ing tar­gets—and look­ing good on the job.

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