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White­tail ex­pert Tim Her­ald likes to ri­fle hunt the bro­ken farm­land and prairie of Ne­braska, Kansas, and the Dako­tas. He uses the open ter­rain to his ad­van­tage, set­tling on a high point over­look­ing one or more creek drainages. “If I’m lucky I’ll spot a buck on the move,” he says. “But I’m ready to pick apart cover with a good binoc­u­lar to glass for some­thing as small as a twitch­ing ear or a tine. When I spot a breeding pair, I mark their lo­ca­tion and plan a stalk. When I’ve worked into range, I prop my ri­fle on a shoot­ing stick, then grunt or whis­tle to get the buck to stand up. Hav­ing that ri­fle shoul­dered is im­por­tant be­cause when a buck stands, there are only sec­onds to shoot.”

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