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A hot rod of a re­triever watches over a pickup loaded with a limit of geese.

I found it funny how nearly ev­ery ri­fle in “Cen­ter­fire Shootout

2017” (Field Test) was Amer­i­can­made. What about the new Tikka T3x? And the new SIG Sauer line? I’m sorry, but the U.S. is not the only coun­try that makes qual­ity ri­fles. You should also test guns from across the pond. Geir Carl­ström, via Face­book

DAVID E. PET­ZAL REPLIES: The last time I got a test ri­fle from Tikka, it had no fir­ing pin. We’ve made plenty of men­tion of SIG Sauer, but mostly on­line. SIG only makes ARs, and we had plenty of those al­ready.

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