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For some­one so ob­sessed with chuck­ing mon­ster streamers, you’d think I’d have sev­eral muskies un­der my belt. I have zero, but that’s cer­tainly not for a lack of try­ing. Iron­i­cally, the most no­table catch I’ve ever had while tar­get­ing muskies was a largemouth bass.

By the fourth day of a muskie quest in the St. Paul sub­urbs last Oc­to­ber with my friend Robert Hawkins, my arms were like Jell-O. All we had to show for the ef­fort were a few pike. Then, as my gi­ant fly sank along a lily-pad edge, I made one strip and saw it dis­ap­pear. The hit was so vi­o­lent we were sure I’d fi­nally tied into a muskie. When the fish sur­faced I couldn’t be­lieve it— there was a solid 7-pound largemouth with the 12-inch streamer in its jaw.

Af­ter the laugh­ter sub­sided, I re­al­ized what

I’d done was no dif­fer­ent than what tro­phy bass hunters throw­ing big troutim­i­tat­ing swim­baits have been do­ing for decades. While hair bugs, bunny leeches, and slid­ers are the pat­terns most an­glers as­so­ciate with largemouth bass fish­ing, you might con­sider tak­ing a big piece of muskie meat to the bass pond. You’re prob­a­bly not go­ing to get a lot of bites, but they will likely be the right bites when you get them.

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