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This is about the eas­i­est to use red-dot I’ve ever at­tached to a firearm. The sight can be pur­chased with the base at­tached, mak­ing it a one­piece unit. Just in­sert one AAA bat­tery and use the throw lever to clamp it to a Pic rail, and you’re in busi­ness. It’s light—just un­der 8.5 ounces with the AR15 spacer—but as tough as a rail­road spike. It comes with in­te­grated pop-up lens cov­ers, can be sub­mersed to 150 feet, and has in­ten­sity set­tings that cover the spec­trum from night vi­sion to retina burn. The CompM5 I have is de­signed so that it will co-wit­ness with an AR’s iron sights for a has­sle-free and light­ning-quick sight pic­ture. A sin­gle bat­tery lasts for years.

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