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“DD5V2? Didn’t Daniel De­fense launch the DD5V1 this past year?”

Yep, it sure did, and it’s a fan­tas­tic gun. It’s so fan­tas­tic that the V2 is vir­tu­ally iden­ti­cal to the V1, aside from 18-inch bar­rel vs. the orig­i­nal 16-incher. The ex­tra 2 inches on the 18-incher, which adds

0.3 pound to the to­tal weight of the gun, in­creases its ac­cu­racy.

An­other vari­a­tion is the V2’s ri­fle-length gas sys­tem. In con­trast, the V1 has a “mi­dlength” gas sys­tem. The gas-sys­tem length in­creases with the bar­rel length.

The re­sult? The DD5V2 is a smoother-shoot­ing ri­fle with a tad less re­coil. The rest of this ri­fle is still all DD5.

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