6 Steps to a Clean Gun

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This demon­stra­tion shows a ri­fle be­ing cleaned but this quick clean method can also be used on pis­tols and shot­guns as well.

Step 1: Make Safe

En­sure your firearm is un­loaded and ver­ify that there is no car­tridge cham­bered. Keep am­mu­ni­tion safely stored and away from the clean­ing area.

Step 3: Clean It

Take the Bores­nake’s brass weight and run it from the gun’s cham­ber down through its bar­rel to the muz­zle end. Pull the en­tire Bores­nake through. Re­peat this step if nec­es­sary.

Step 5: Lube It

Du­pli­cat­ing Step 3, run the Bores­nake through from the cham­ber end to the muz­zle end to ap­ply the lube. We like run­ning it through twice, just to make sure we didn’t miss a spot.

Step 2: Ap­ply So­lu­tion

Take your cleaner/lu­bri­cant and ap­ply it to the front por­tion of Bores­nake, just be­hind its brush sec­tion. Ap­ply enough so­lu­tion so that about an inch of it is wet all around but not enough to make it drip.

Step 4: Ap­ply So­lu­tion Again

Much like step 2 above, you will now take your lu­bri­cant and ap­ply it to the Bores­nake, but this time at its rear end just be­fore the loop. This time, we’re a lit­tle more gen­er­ous with the amount of lube ap­plied.

Step 6: Mop­ping Up

Us­ing clean­ing swabs and a piece of clean cloth, wipe down and swab out de­bris from ar­eas of such as the trig­ger area and the bolt’s sur­faces and crevices and be­hind the ejec­tor and ex­trac­tor. Re­fer to your firearm’s in­struc­tions on lu­bri­ca­tion of these ar­eas as dif­fer­ent guns have dif­fer­ent re­quire­ments. Many times a very light coat of lu­bri­cant will do the trick.

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