Are You Up for the Chal­lenge?

Strike In­dus­tries An­tivenom XPLC $20,000 Chal­lenge

Firepower - - DO IT YOURSELF -

In an at­tempt to throw off the stigma of snake oil ped­dlers that have re­cently come be­fore them, Strike In­dus­tries is so con­fi­dent in the pow­ers of their An­tivenom-xplc so­lu­tion, that they threw down the gaunt­let to any per­son or com­pany that can prove that another all-in-one or multi-pur­pose lu­bri­cant can out­per­form An­tivenom-xplc. If they do, it’s worth a cool 20 grand.

There are sev­eral chal­lenges in which the con­tender must prove it­self, such as tests of cor­ro­sion, fric­tion, and clean­ing to di­elec­tric prop­er­ties. Are you up to the chal­lenge? If so, check out the chal­lenge’s rules and down­load the contest en­try form at We here on the side­lines are in­ter­ested to see what comes of this chal­lenge and to see if any­one ends up claim­ing the prize.

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